Equipment Hire Agreement


Hire fees are not refundable.


The deposit is separate from the refundable cash Bond (see below).


Refundable Bond

When the equipment is picked up and returned to our depot, a refundable cash bond is also payable. Normally the bond is $100 but this may change depending on the total invoice amount. This is to make sure that returns are made on time, and all equipment is returned in good condition.


The bond is only due when the equipment is picked up or dropped off (not when the booking is made).



This hire period is for a total of three (3) days or less and will need to be returned to the depot or ready for collection by the third day.


Gold Coast Barrel Hire takes care of the cleaning of equipment between hires. The customer agrees that they will not attempt to clean any hired equipment.


Damaged items

If any equipment is severely stained or otherwise damaged, significantly depreciated, or returned late, a portion or the entire refundable bond may be held/kept by Gold Coast Barrel Hire. It is at the discretion of Gold Coast Barrel Hire to decide how much (if any) of the bond is held/kept.


If an item is no longer in ‘hirable’ condition after it is returned and cleaned, the lessee is responsible for the difference between the refundable bond and the replacement value of the item(s). What is ‘hirable’ condition is at the discretion of Gold Coast Barrel Hire. Gold Coast Barrel Hire investigates and determines what the replacement cost of all equipment is.


Return and Cancellation Policy


Unreturned items

If any equipment is late/unreturned, the lessee will be responsible to pay back in full the replacement value of the item (s). The replacement values are as follows. Full Wine Barrels $450 and Half Barrels $300.



Hire fees are non-refundable. If you cancel your hire and give us two week's notice in writing, we will then give you a full refund of your deposit. If you decide to cancel your hire booking within 48hrs of the hire date, your deposit will not be refunded.